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"'I Joke That For An Extreme Over-sharer, People Don’t Know Anything About Me Or My Life.': An Interview with JB Brager" with Ian Thomas, The Comics Journal, 2020.


"Be Gay, Do Comics: Queer History, Memoir, and Satire from The Nib." Publishers Weekly, 2020.  


"The Artists Illustrating New York’s Growing Protest Culture" by Billy Anania, Hyperallergic, 2020. 

"The War on Free Speech Comes to High School." by Mairav Zonszein, Jewish Currents, 2020.


"Ask a Sagittarius: Why is Everything About You a Paradox?" by Gala Mukomolova, Nylon Magazine, 2019.


"Comics artist JB Brager leads on-campus zine workshops" by Gabriela Iacovano, Binghamton Pipe Dream, 2019. 


"JB Brager: Exploring Radical Ideas Through Art" by Rivka Yeker, Hooligan Mag Issue #21, 2017.

"Sinew That Shrinks" Zine-Tree Interview, 2014. 

"Episode 80: Doykeit" Radio613, 2013.

"DC Zinefest is Coming: An Interview with Curator J Brager" by Andrew Bucket, Brightest Young Things, 2011.

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