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Heavyweight is a graphic non-fiction exploration of family history and memory in the wake of the Holocaust, forthcoming from William Morrow, a Harper Collins imprint, in 2023. 

By presenting archival and academic research in literary form, Heavyweight offers a contribution not only to creative work on the Holocaust, but also to accessible Holocaust education. The book complicates the monolithic narrative of the Holocaust and expands the kind of Holocaust stories we have access to, which has the power to change our conversations about the impact of history on the present. I would like to spark conversations about the role class played in the experiences of Jewish people surviving under Nazism and the way that Jewish ideas about race and self-identification developed through the experience of the Holocaust. A deeper understanding of these genealogies has the power to re-shape conversations on what we do with historical knowledge in the present, in approaching anti-racist work, parsing and responding to contemporary antisemitism, and responding to intergeneration and inherited trauma. 

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